Zhang, Jianjian | Partner
Bankruptcy & reorganization, Dispute Resolution, Distressed Assets & NPL
  • Basic Information

    Mr Zhang is a partner of Haiwen & Partners.  Mr Zhang has over 13 years of legal experiences, and has widely been regarded by the clients and industry in the areas of Dispute Resolution, Distressed Assets & NPL, Bankruptcy & Reorganization.

  • Professional History

    Mr. Zhang joined Haiwen in 2018.  Before joining Haiwen, he worked as a judge from 2009 to 2018.

  • Experience Highlights

    In the area of Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Mr Zhang has participated in the procedural consolidation in the corporate reorganization of Bohai Steel Group and its related companies, the procedural consolidation in the corporate reorganization of FOUNDER and its related companies, the corporate reorganization of Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. and its related companies, the procedural consolidation in the corporate reorganization of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd and the group company controlling it, the corporate reorganization of Xinjiang KingTec Steel Co., Ltd., the procedural consolidation in the corporate reorganization of Tong Hua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. and its related companies, the prepackaged bankruptcy reorganization and substantial consolidation of China Aviation Erection Engineering (Beijing) Company Ltd. and China Aviation Gas Turbine. Ltd. (the first prepackaged bankruptcy reorganization and substantial consolidation case in Beijing, Top 10 representative cases of the Supreme People’s Court), the corporate reorganization of Beijing Taifeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    In the area of Distressed Assets & NPL, Mr Zhang has represented China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd., China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shandong Financial Asset Management Co., Ltd., Oaktree Capital, Bain Capital, China Bohai Bank, CDH Capital for acquisition of debt packages, disposal of non-performing assets, disposal of non-performing claims, debt restructuring, asset restructuring, etc. Representative transactions include the put option, resale and debt restructuring of Macrolink’s bond (the first case of bond put option and resale in the market), the debt restructuring of Lingshui Zhongyin Development Co., Ltd., the revitalization of Huafa Group’s inefficient assets, the disposal of Huangshan Mingren International Artist Manor Real Estate Co., Ltd.’s debt, the bankruptcy settlement of Xiwang Group and the disposal of Heilongjiang Hengyang Cattle Industry Co., Ltd.'s debt.

    In the area of Dispute Resolution, Mr Zhang has provided legal services for a series disputes of contract and shareholder damage compensation between clients and Zhongnan Culture, Zhongnan Heavy Industries; a series disputes of trust contracts, fund contracts and financial lease contracts between clients and WeBank, China Securities Credit Investment Co., Ltd., Western Trust Co., Ltd., China United SME Guarantee Corporation and Shanghai Yijinghui Asset Management Co., Ltd.; disputes over gas supply contracts between clients and Xilin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.; repurchase disputes between clients and the new energy automobile company they invested; disputes over dissolution between clients and the medical company they invested.

  • Accolades

    Since Mr Zhang joined Haiwen and took charge of the bankruptcy and reorganization business, Haiwen's bankruptcy and reorganization area is listed as a recommended business area in 2022 by the International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000), and Haiwen has been rated as an "active law firm in the field of bankruptcy and reorganization" by the International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000). The corporate reorganization of Bohai Steel Group and its related companies Haiwen participated in was awarded the legal award (the best case of annual influence in Tianjin) by the "International Financial Law Review" (IFLR1000).

  • Education

    Mr Zhang received his LL.B. degree and his Master of Laws degree from China Jiliang University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2009 and 2018, respectively.

  • Language

    Mr Zhang's native language is Mandarin, and he is fluent in English.


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